NFT Gift Selections


Do you want gift options which are not only cute and memorable but also completely unique? has what you're looking for!

Choose one, two or more NFTs, maybe a whole collection.

There is a huge range of options - from NFTs for birthdays & anniversaries all the way to Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

Just follow the steps:

1) Connect your Metamask with our platform.

2) Make your choice of NFTs and pay.

3) Send your gifts to your loved ones. You can of course send to multiple people multiple NFTs. The only thing you need is their Ethereum address!


Do you want to make the world a better place by helping those in need or supporting a charitable organization?

We are teaming up with several of the most popular charity organizations accepting cryptocurrency to allow people to auction off their own NFTs in order to support their cause. We have created an auction program, the proceeds of which will raise funds for charity organizations. We send eighty percent to charity and the rest goes to the creator of the NFT.

The steps are fairly simple:

The steps are fairly simple:

1) Connect your Metamask with our platform.

2) Select the NFTs you would like to auction off for charity.

Confirm the transaction (The NFTs are moved to a Smart contract which uses our internal auction system to reward the winners).

Charity NFT Collections

Our Team

We are a diverse team of artists, designers, and tech professionals. We are united by the passion for everything blockchain, NFT, and art. πŸ–Ό was created with a simple dream in mind - to give independent artists a meaningful new way to sell and gift their NFTs.

And that's how we have created a brave new world of self-expression where everyone can find something beautiful.